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If You're After a Holistic Massage or a Weekend of Holistic Healing
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  • Novel of Holistic Health Day Spa Wrightwood CA

    About Novel

    During the past ten (10) years I have had the opportunity to study with an exceptional Reike Master, spiritual healer, as well as to enhance my clairvoyant senses. I have also received certificates in massage utilizing various techniques, certificates in Reflexology and as a Health Consultant.

    With a passion for holistic/alternative health care I own and operate a Wellness Center, “Holistic Health”, located in Wrightwood, California. At the center we offer one-on-one counseling using various types from Reike, spiritual and /or energy healing or clairvoyant counseling. Massage sessions for stress deduction and relaxation is also offered as well mediation, Imagery technique, Mind Body Dialogue and more. Holistic mission is restoring a client’s original and natural state of perfect health and well being.


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As Southern California's closest winter resort, Mountain High provides a world-class alpine experience close to home. Come find real skiing and snowboarding ...



The mountainous terrain in the area makes for breathtaking views from many of the local Hiking Trails. The Pacific Crest Trail also runs through the Wrightwood ...

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